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Hillmershof Wilsede - School classes discover agriculture

The herb garden at the main building

Programme for environmental education

The programme "school farm" of VNP Stiftung Naturschutzpark is meant to address 3. to 6. grade school classes. The stay is 5 days from Monday till Friday. Only one class at a time is accommodated on the farm Hillmershof in Wilsede. A combination of work in small groups and common activities strengthens the social cohesion within the class.

Work group

For the duration of the stay, the pupils are put together in small groups of 4 to 5 that will then work on different fields and topics. The work groups take over various tasks under guideance in the stable,  the fields, in the garden, in the wood, on the meadow, at the bee keeping house and in the farm kitchen depending on the weather and the season. The programme is about "real" work like feeding, mucking out, planting seeds, harvesting, cooking and baking.

Spare time

Off course the programme offers leisure activities for the class like enjoying bonfire and baking "bread on a stick", doing a carriage ride or a night walk. During leisure times the big nature garden allows playing and a kind of fun games.

The accommodation in Wilsede

Framed by old oak trees the buildings of the more than 600 years old farm Hillmershof a located amidst of wide heath, fields and wood.

The old thatched farm house offers space for 31 persons:
: one 8-bed room
: two 6-bed rooms
: two 4-bed romms
: two rooms for teacher /camp counselor
The rooms have their private bathroom.

: kitchen
: day room
: dining room


All meals are prepared by the work groups with the help of an professional house economist in the farm kitchen. Table and scullery service is done by rotating the work groups.

Expances for basic package

180 EUR per pupil, additionals by agreement

Various foundations in Lower Saxony and Hamburg award scholarships for school classes. Please find direct links to the foundations on the right hand side of this page.

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Our animals

A farm without animals would not be a farm. Within 2016 a number of different animals moved to the farm Hillmershof. Get an impression:

Chicken "Ramelsloher Blaubeine"
Cattle "Schwarzbunte Niederungsrinder"
Calf "Heidi" was born in July
Feeding team work

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