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The Milchhalle - your self service restaurant in Wilsede

Milchhalle in Wilsede

Food and drinks the local "Heidjer's" way - regional, affordable, good

Coming from a hiking tour or carriage ride through the nature reserve Lüneburg Heath have a stop over in the heath village Wilsede and sneak into the Milchhalle: our team awaits you with various tasty and reasonable-priced meals.

Enjoy price-worthy meals like a solid pea soup or a savory Heidschnucken - Sausages with potato salad, Heidschnucken meatball or dishes with beef from the "Wilseder red cattle" - the robust cattle of VNP working for landscape preservation. Cold beverages quench your thirst, tea- and coffee specialties or homemade buckwheat cake and apple pie as well as your buckwheat-cream cake will make you stay a bit longer.

The cakes are homemade follwoing old recipes and are very much appreachiated by our guests. Our buckwheat comes from our fields around the organic farm of Tütsberg where it is harvested and brought to the windmill of Bardowick. After that it is be used for delicious cakes you have to try!

We are looking forward to your visit in our large rustical coffee garden or in the Milchhalle.

Our "aunt-Dora-room"
Fancy cake the Heidjer's way
Hikers' stopover

Group excursions

We are happy to organize your scheduled stopover with your group or your family celebration according to your wishes. Just give us a call!

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Village centre of Wilsede, left hand Museum shop and Milchhalle, right hand Heath museum "Dat ole Huus"

The old heath village Wilsede is located right in the heart of the nature reserve. Time seems to stand still here. The village gives the impression of the quiet countryside life as it was 150 years ago with its thatched farms, tall oak trees and historic cobble-stone roads. This village is a must see for all heath visitors.

However, we like to ask for understanding: Wilsede is a living village! Most of the houses are inhabited by locals and can not be visited. 

Wilsede can only be reached by foot, by bike or with the carriage. Please park your car on one of the designated parking lots in the nature reserve.

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