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Welcome by the fire.

Welcome in the Hotel Hof Tütsberg, in the heart of the Lüneburger Heide

Be our guest!

The specialty of this hotel: next to the unique nature the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. - abbreviated VNP - offers you broad opportunities to experience the Lüneburg Heath.
You stay in a house of VNP, our restaurant offers delicacies from VNP self-produced food and for your heath experience the VNP provides good stuff as well: In HeideErlebniszentrum Undeloh and in the Heide Museum "Dat ole Huus" in Wilsede you can learn interesting and worth knowing facts about this unique area.

Out into nature. By bike, on horseback, on foot. At last breathe. Enjoy the time. Watch the Heisdschnucken (sheep) while picnicing. Dinner under the stars or close to the flickering fireplace tasting the fresh, creative country cuisine.