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Heather for beautiful skin

Skin care series by Prof. Dr. Steinkraus supports climate protection in the Lueneburg Heath

After almost four decades in dermatology, the experienced dermatologist and founder of the Dermatologikum Group, Prof. Dr. Steinkraus, has developed a new skin care series that is at the cutting edge of skin care, while reflecting exciting new concepts and strategies. A series for which he alone is responsible and which therefore also bears his name.

At the core of this is the realization that in the end the skin does not need much and that it produces the “very best cosmetics” itself with its hydrolipid emulsion in the outer epidermis. This means that, as is so often the case, less is more. Nevertheless, this is not possible without cleansing, protection and care. Environmental influences, dehydration, UV light, stress, sleep and nutritional deficiencies take their toll on our skin and can only be balanced by a healthy lifestyle and good skin care. In addition, no one is left untouched by ageing processes, which one would like to counteract with effective active ingredients.

Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus | Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH
Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus
Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH
Skin care series Prof. Dr. Steinkraus Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH
Skin care series Prof. Dr. Steinkraus
Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH

Under the maxim of “Bridging Nature and Science”, important active ingredients from four groups have been combined and transformed into an active ingredient formula called TetCode4®. It goes without saying that good skin care is always unisex, and that good skin care is free of perfume, silicone oils, acrylates, microplastics, parabens and mineral oils wherever possible. Contemporary skincare is also vegan, with an exception made for beeswax lip care, as beeswax remains unrivalled in lip care.

In addition to the important collagen stabilizers vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the Prof. Dr. Steinkraus skin care line also contains heather and rye, which, due to their good performance growing on nutrient-poor soils, have developed many evolutionary-biological advantages for themselves. Heath and rye belong to the so-called biomimetics, substances that imitate biological phenomena. Biomimetics are a central pillar in the TetCode4® active ingredient formula.

Since Professor Steinkraus was born and raised on the Heath, he has a particularly close connection to the region. As a contribution to improved sustainability, 1 euro from every product sold therefore goes to the Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide (VNP). The donations flow directly into measures for the renaturation of the raised bogs, so that the CO2 storage capacity there, which suffered greatly due to peat cutting until the mid-1960s, can be improved again.

In the end, Prof. Dr. Steinkraus’ skin care line, which is based in the Lueneburg Heath, stands for uncompromising skin care that protects, regenerates and activates our skin with selected active ingredients and focuses on simplicity, clarity, and structure.

The products are available online at www.steinkraus.com and directly from the warehouse at Schätzendorfer Str. 1, 21272 Egestorf.

Bridging Nature and Science Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH
Bridging Nature and Science
Photo: Prof. Steinkraus Research Laboratories GmbH

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