History of the VNP

Since the association was established in 1909, there have been many significant events, which we would like to show and explain in more detail on the following pages.

Prominent personalities in the VNPVNP in Hohe Tauern (Austria)Establishment of the VNP foundation

First general meeting of VNP in Stuttgart in 1910
First general meeting of VNP in Stuttgart in 1910

Prominent personalities in the VNP

Chair persons of VNP 1909 - 2018

The history of the VNP was and is largely determined by the people who have worked for the welfare of the association and the foundation for more than 100 years with a high level of private commitment.

Learn who these people were under: Prominent personalities in the VNP.

The VNP in the Hohe Tauern Mountains

Hohe Tauern National Park (Austria) | VNP

In the years 1913 – 2016, the VNP or its foundation owned 3,500 hectares of property in the Austrian Hohe Tauern. How it came to this extraordinary land ownership you can read under: The VNP in the Hohe Tauern Mountains.

Establishment of the VNP foundation

With the establishment of the Stiftung Naturschutzpark in 2002, the VNP continued the thoughts of the founding fathers and put them on “safe feet”. To date, around 90 km² of valuable and irretrievable heath, moor and forest areas in the Lüneburg Heath have been purchased or leased on a long-term basis in order to sustainably preserve the historic cultural landscape. It doesn’t get any safer than this: The income from the foundation ensures that the historic cultural landscape of Lüneburg Heath is maintained and preserved.

In order to be able to fulfill the demanding task of continuously maintaining, preserving and conserving the diverse landscape and architectural monuments in the Lüneburger Heide nature reserve in the future, the establishment of the foundation Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide was decided at the 2001 annual general meeting of the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. and implemented in 2002.

At the annual general meeting in May 2007, another milestone in the history of the VNP and the foundation was reached: The members of the association voted with an overwhelming majority for a transfer of the immovable assets of the association to its own foundation.

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