The brand of the VNP: Heidländer products

Our work creates a wide range of products, drawing on the expertise of all areas of the VNP.

Heidländer producsts • Criteria for Heidländer products

Heidländer products

"Heidländer" word/figurative trademark VNP Stiftung
The brand of the VNP: “Heidländer”

In our work to preserve the cultural landscape of Lüneburg Heath, the most diverse products are created. Starting with mown material from the heath, firewood and timber, right through to food. In all areas, we are committed to creating material cycles and to generate value from them.

The expert skills and knowledge of all departments of the VNP contribute to the development of our products: Farmers, shepherds, beekeepers, foresters, carpenters, and cooks show all their craftsmanship as well as their love for the region when a genuine Heidländer product is made.

We also serve many Heidländer products in our restaurants.

Visit us at the Hotel Hof Tütsberg, Hotel Landhaus Haverbeckhof, at the Milchhalle Wilsede, or at the Heide-ErlebnisZentrum!

Our criteria for Heidländer products

Regionality and seasonality

We have close ties to our region.

In gastronomy, we try as far as possible to buy ingredients in the region. Products such as asparagus or blueberries are only bought when they are in season. This way, our chef can be sure to get fresh produce.

Heath honey is another seasonal product. You can tell from it the previous heather blossom season. If the plants have flowered well for a long time, this special type of honey will be available for a longer period of time than if the plants have flowered poorly, which can happen, for example, during long periods of cold, rainy weather.

Transparency and animal welfare

Heidländer products are mainly from the VNP’s own cultivation, production, or farming. Coffee products are an exception.

Visit our animals and see how they are kept.

Shepherd Uwe Storm and visitors at the sheep shed on Hof Tütsberg | Photo: Christian Burmester
Shepherd Uwe Storm answers visitors’ questions at the sheep shed at Hof Tütsberg
Photo: Christian Burmester

The animals are slaughtered within a maximum radius of 40 km in rural slaughterhouses. This saves them unnecessary transport. Our chefs can also discuss directly with the butchers which parts they want to use and how, and which products are to be created. In this way, everything is utilized as efficiently as possible.


The VNP does not produce mass products, but rather sustainable and high-quality products.

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