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Help to safeguard and develop our cultural landscape and natural areas for future generations!

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Your commitment matters

The Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. was founded on the initiative of a group of dedicated people, and even after more than 100 years of existence, the preservation and protection of the heathland depends on the members of the association and numerous supporters and sponsors.

Help to protect and develop our cultural landscape and natural areas for future generations!

Become a member of the VNP and contribute with your contributions and donations to the preservation of the habitats of endangered animal and plant species as well as the unique landscape of the Lüneburger Heide nature reserve.

We inform you about other possibilities to support the VNP in the following sections.

Your donation helps

Donate for the future

Every Euro helps to support small or large projects:

  • 23 € for a symbolic VNP bog protection share corresponding to the compensation of 1 t CO2.
  • 50 € is the cost of underplanting our pine forests with three oaks – thus creating a healthy mixed forest.
  • 75 € is the cost of maintaining and preserving 10 square metres of heathland with measures such as burning, sod cutting or chopping.
  • 100 € for a symbolic sponsorship of a VNP Heidschnucke – our most important helpers in heath maintenance.
  • 250 € and 1 square metre of thatched roof can be re-roofed – so that the historic buildings can continue to be maintained.

Your donation helps us to preserve the historic cultural landscape of Lüneburg Heath in the long term!

Donations with intended use

Or would you like to help us with a donation with a special purpose? In this case, your donation would be used exclusively for the purpose of your choice, for example

  • for the purchase of areas worthy of nature conservation so that the VNP can take effective measures to protect flora and fauna
  • for renovation work on the 41 historical monuments of the VNP, for general thatched roof renovations or for almost 80 bee fences, which are part of the typical image of the Lueneburg Heath
  • for the maintenance and thematic design of our heath museum “Dat ole Hus” in Wilsede and the two nature information houses in Niederhaverbeck and Undeloh
  • for our work in Brandenburg near Tröbitz-Domsdorf.

Every Euro helps to support small and large projects to preserve our historic cultural landscape for future generations!

Our donation accounts

Volksbank Lüneburger Heide
IBAN DE61 2406 0300 4100 1001 00

Kreissparkasse Soltau
DE63 2585 1660 0000 2335 77

Account holder:
Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide

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