Committees and Staff of VNP

The various bodies of the VNP such as the association’s board and advisory board as well as the foundation’s board and foundation council are closely interlinked and take decisions on the development of the VNP in close coordination.

The operational work of the association and the foundation as well as the VNP Naturpark GmbH has its headquarters in the VNP office and is managed by Managing Director Mathias Zimmermann.

VNP CommitteesVNP OfficeVNP foundation staff

VNP committees

You can learn more about the people behind the VNP committees here:

The VNP office – headquarters for the association, foundation and VNP Naturpark GmbH


Former sheep shed at the VNP office in springtime

If you have questions about a / your membership in the VNP, if your address has changed or if you would like to change for example a single membership into a family membership, or if you have questions and suggestions or would like to attend an event, please contact the

Geschäftsstelle des Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. (VNP)
Niederhaverbeck 7
29646 Bispingen

Phone: +49 5198 / 98 24 30
Fax: 05198 / 98 24 36 1


Niederhaverbeck is a small village located on the L211 between Behringen and Wintermoor.

From the A7 exit Bispingen you drive approx. 7 km to the north. From the B3 Buchholz – Schneverdingen you drive about 8 km from the turnoff Wintermoor in the direction of Bispingen.

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VNP Geschäftsstelle in Niederhaverbeck im Winter mit Schnee

The staff of Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide

Here you can find an employee list:

Managing DirectorMathias Zimmermann
Managing Director since the foundation was established, at the same time also Managing Director of Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. (VNP) and the VNP-Naturpark GmbH
SecretariatAndrea Frerichs+49 5198 98243-0
Commercial ManagerMarc Sander+49 5198 98243-25
AccountingMaria Peisert, Pia Wulf+49 5198 98243-23
"Open Land and Nature Conservation" Department HeadDirk Mertens+49 5198 98243-24
Landscape Conservation StaffNorman Meyer
Trainee in horticulture and landscapingLennart Tödter
"Agriculture and Nature Conservation" Department HeadDr. Andreas Koopmann+49 5199 298
Staff of the VNP Landscape Conservation Farm TütsbergDr. Heike Brenken, Andreas Bartels, Pascal Gütersloh, Andreas Bargmann, Erwin Hassler, Hermann Marquardt
Agricultural TraineeJannis Billecke
Coordination Sheep Dr. Barbara Guckes+49 5198 98243-36
Shepherds of the VNP FoundationClemens Lippschus and Josefine Schön (Flock Döhle), Jürgen Funck (Flock Wilsede), Uwe Storm (Flock Tütsberg), Philomena Wissel (Flock Schneverdingen), Matthias Koch (Flock Grasengrund), Ralf Bachmann (Flock Heidetal), Silvio Schönefeld and Sven Domeyer (Stand-in Shepherds), Wolfgang Ehlers and Else Kaufmann, Hans Werner Nolte, Dagmar Kirchhoff (Part-Time Substitute Shepherds).
Trainee Animal HusbandryDominic Schäfer,
Leonie Wewer,
Ann-Kathrin Friede
"Forest Ecology and Conservation" Department HeadMatthias Pantelmann+49 5198 98243-28
Forestry StaffMichael Loosz, Jörg Mittmann
Trainee ForesterHannes Klindworth, Paul Fahrenkrog
"Buildings and Nature Conservation" Department HeadHeiko Becker+49 5198 98231-31
Building Maintenance StaffFrank Sabellek, Joachim Meyer, Benjamin Leinecker, Christopher Peisert, Gottfried v. Mickwitz, Alexander Appelganz, Ralf Ackermann, Walter Smieja, Benedikt Meyer, Fyn Erik Strauch
"Nature Conservation and Information Facilities" Department HeadJulia Hallmann+49 5198 98243-32
"Fundraising and Sponsoring" Department HeadSteffen Albers+49 5198 98243-26
"Environmental Education and Nature Conservation" Department HeadJohannes Buhr+49 5198 98243-29
Staff at the School FarmBirgit Muschhammer, Doris Thom
Project Staff "Black Grouse Conservation Project"Dirk Bruschkat
Project Staff (Property Management)Ina Wosnitza+49 5198 98243-33
Project Staff/TendersLena Noa+49&nbsp:5198 98243-34
Coordination of Nature Conservation On-Site SupportStefan Wormanns+49 5198 98243-27
Nature Conservation On-Site SupportFarina Stucke+49 5198 98243-30
Nature Conservation On-Site SupportSharamon Borgmann+49 5198 98243-55

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