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Museumshop Wilsede - Heath for your home

Wide range of small souvenirs

Regional and seasonal

Wilsede, the idyllic village in the middle of the car-free nature reserve, is worth a visit. And who does not want to bring a holiday present to the beloved at home? Or keep a souvenir for yourself? A variety of offers is available for you in the museumshop.

Next door to the Milchhalle in Wilsede our lovely decorated museumshop invites you to come in and have a look: plenty of books about the heather and the work of VNP, locally produced honey and Heidschnucken-sheep products, liquors (Schnaps), wooden toys and a number of other small and large presents to take along. 

Also regional dished like Heidschnucken roast or goulash will please you and your family back home.

By request we are happy to arrange an appealing gift basket with regional products.

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Village centre of Wilsede, left hand Museum shop and Milchhalle, right hand Heath museum "Dat ole Huus"

The old heath village Wilsede is located right in the heart of the nature reserve. Time seems to stand still here. The village gives the impression of the quiet countryside life as it was 150 years ago with its thatched farms, tall oak trees and historic cobble-stone roads. This village is a must see for all heath visitors.

However, we like to ask for understanding: Wilsede is a living village! Most of the houses are inhabited by locals and can not be visited. 

Wilsede can only be reached by foot, by bike or with the carriage. Please park your car on one of the designated parking lots in the nature reserve.

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